The Places Where You Can Play Bingo

There used to be a difference between what is known as a bingo hall and what was called a bingo parlor. But nowadays the difference between these two have diminished. What happened is that over time, the distinction between a bingo hall and a bingo parlor slowly faded until we loosely substitute one for the other.

Back in the day, a bingo hall would refer to a venerable organization or association that sponsors bingo games for the cause of charity, which includes churches and other like-minded organizations. The bingo hall was esteemed to be some sort of place where the adults come to socialize and have fun while helping out other people in need in the process.

As the 60's and 70's came along the concept of associating bingo with folks who are desperate to win came about. There would be places where people play bingo for the sake of getting the jackpot, a lot of heavy smoking in the air, and a few shady characters popping up every now and then. These came to be known bingo parlors, which was separate and distinct from the bingo hall that is associated with churches.

Depending on the territory, there will be age limits on who can participate in the bingo events in either bingo halls or bingo parlors. But you can already picture out the bingo halls to be filled with older ladies gathering together for a fundraiser.

Nowadays the distinction diminished until you can use either term to mean the same thing. Now the question is where can we play? Do we play bingo in a charity or church fund-raising activity or in a bingo parlor where people are there for the money? One thing you might like to consider is your relative safety just in case you win a huge jackpot.

It is unfortunate that bingo winners have become targets of criminals. Winners, though they really didn't win that much, are sometimes the objects of harassment. It doesn't matter if it's in a church or a crowded bingo hall any winner can become a target. One good piece of advice is to check the area where you're playing bingo. If the area is known to be a dangerous part of town then don't play there.

You should also check out what security measures the hosts of the bingo event have taken. You might also want to check if the bingo parlor is popular or at least has a good reputation. If you don't want to get into all that then you can try playing bingo online as an alternative.

Wherever you choose to play bingo, make sure it's safe, it's convenient and it'll be fun. Bingo has been known to be a social event where friends can play and have fun.