Is There A Technique To Winning At Bingo?

Many players have wondered if there are strategies or techniques to winning at Bingo, as it is a game of chance, and there are millions of arrangements one can make on a Bingo card. But as it is a form of gambling, and as in all gambling sports, the players are naturally interested in how they can increase their chances of winning the game.

Bingo, however, is at the core, basically simple, so there are few means by which you can beat its system. Gambling experts say that the only way to win against the house is to do it in a simple, no-brainer way. According to them, you have to play the game when there are few people involved. So that may mean playing Bingo during those days when you know there is a small turn of players in the Bingo halls. The fewer you are around, the higher your chances of being called on as the winner.

The loophole to this technique is the fact that Bingo prizes are not fixed, but rather, are culled from a percentage of profits from admissions of players or from the sales of Bingo cards. So, if there are few players around, it naturally follows that the Bingo jackpot is a lot smaller. This can sort of dampen your excitement and counter this particular technique from being a successful one.

Another thing you can do to up the odds are to play as many cards as you can at any one given time. Since Bingo games are played several times one after the other, even as winners are called out, it will increase your chances if you play more than one card.

Taking probability into consideration, you may want to look into the The Tippett Theory, which involves a theory about randomness as invented by the British statistician L. H. C. Tippett. According to Tippett, the more Bingo numbers are called, the more likely the numbers are going to be to the median number (38). You can apply this theory by playing in short games and choose numbers that are closer to 1 or numbers that are closer to 78.

Playing a longer game requires a different technique; you must therefore choose cards with numbers that are closer to 38. You can tell if the game is going to be long or short based on the pattern chosen for that particular game. Some pattern games take a longer time to win than simple diagonal pattern games.

Another useful technique involves playing Bingo for a longer time rather than playing it while using several cards at once. Some statisticians say that Bingo balls fall in a uniform pattern, based on the laws of probability. This means you have an equal number of odd and even numbers coming up and an equal number of high and low numbers being called. There's also an equal chance of numbers ending in 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's etcetera will be called.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage if you stay long enough in the game, as the likelihood of your number coming up will increase, depending on the length of time you stay in the game. This seems to be a better technique than spending all of your money on a lot of cards.

In any case, winning at Bingo is a matter of trial and error - try all these techniques and you can determine which one is the best technique to use at a Bingo game.