Fun Bingo Facts for the Bingo Enthusiast

Bingo is a fun game, for the old and young ones alike. It has been around since the 1500s, when it started as an Italian game that is still being played today. Through the years the game has evolved from being called 'beano' to its more popular name today. Below are some of the most popular fun facts about bingo that every self-respecting bingo lover needs to know by heart.

The game was originally known as 'beano' in the US, and was renamed 'bingo' when an overly enthusiastic player was so overcome by his prospective win that he shouted 'bingo' instead of 'beano.'

The name 'beano' came from the fact that the game was previously done by covering the numbers with beans, since no multi-colored daubers were around in the 1930s.

Bingo was originally used by the Germans as a way to teach children numbers and history.

Carl Leffler, a Math professor from Columbia University went insane after developing 6.000 number combinations for the game.

Bingo's popularity streak soared when churches used it in their fund raising events.

Americans spend $90 million on bingo cards alone per week.

Bingo addicts are known for being superstitious. They have lucky chairs, lucky pens, lucky numbers and even lucky undies!

To keep bad luck at bay, superstitious players go around their chairs three times before sitting down.

Studies have shown that bingo is actually good for our brains! One study concluded that people who played bingo fared much better at certain mental activities than those who did not play the game.

Notice that piece of flaccid muscle that hangs on the underside of your arms after too many days with no exercise? That is called 'bingo wings.'

Women who are named Margaret win in bingo more often than women with any other name.

Most people play the game because they enjoy it. On a poll it was discovered that winning only ranked 5th in the reasons why people play bingo.

People of different ages play bingo and enjoy it. Today, 30% of bingo players at 35 years old or younger. There goes the popular belief that bingo is only an old ladies' game!

If you love to play bingo, there's a good chance that you also love to play the slots.

Most bingo players are also cat lovers.

Bing Crosby's childhood nickname was, yup, 'Bingo.'

Finally, bingo players agree that they get pretty irritated when someone calls a bingo that turns out to be false. So give your numbers one last check before shouting them out!