Bingo Etiqutte: Unwritten Rules of Bingo

Bingo is a social game where dozens and sometimes hundreds of players are all vying to win the jackpot at the same time. It's easy to forget that there are other players nearby, more so when the players excitement level goes up.

Playing in bingo halls with people who are unfamiliar to you is very different to playing with your friends or family at home. That's why it is infinitely important for a player to follow certain unwritten rules in bingo in order to avoid crashing in on someone else's party, so to speak. Here are some examples of the aforementioned rules that players should follow.

Once the game gets underway, players should keep their chatter to a minimum. This is the primary unwritten rule of bingo. It is not proper for a player to compete with the caller in terms of the loudness of voice or the amount of noise they make. That's why once the caller starts the game, most regular bingo players automatically pipe down.

Another rule which is quite similar to the one mentioned above is to not let kids play around the bingo hall or make a lot of noise. It is perfectly understandable for kids to come along with their parents to a bingo game, what most will find annoying though is if the parents lose control of their kids inside the bingo hall.

Calling bingo immediately stops the game. That's why players should be absolutely sure if they have a winning pattern before shouting Bingo. It is very frustrating for other players if false bingo claims are called more than once by the same player, doubly frustrating for players who have already discarded their bingo cards for the last game.

Some bingo players prefer a particular seat in the bingo hall which they may consider as lucky. Keep an eye out for these, not because you should use them yourself. For this reason, it's best to vacate the seat if another player requests you to do so.

Problems with a caller should be resolved politely. A lot of times when players experience a losing streak, the caller gets the blame. Derisive remarks are unnecessary, the caller is just doing his job and that certainly doesn't involve cheating you out of a game.

If the caller's voice isn't as loud or clear as it should be, address the caller politely. Most of the time this solves the problem, if not then it's time to talk to the manager.

Following these rules will make your next bingo game flow smoothly and more enjoyable.